Saturday, March 16, 2013

How to Win a Copy of “Raw Freedom” | Frederic Patenaude Raw Foods Diet

How to Win a Copy of “Raw Freedom” | Frederic Patenaude Raw Foods Diet

Fred, I have followed you for many years and purchased so many of your materials.  I have changed many of my eating habits because of you.  I work for the Howard County Library System in Columbia, Md. and I have a long list of  customers who have read about you and your journey in the raw food lifestyle.  They now have also purchased your books and digital materials.  We love to swap recipes we've prepared and obstacles we've overcome. 
So I would like to read and share you latest book "Raw Freedom" with my raw food buddies.  I think the name of this book is so appropriate:  Eating raw gives many of us the freedom to live life without feeling stomach aches and pains, bloating, painful joints, headaches, diabetes, and cancers.  We can enjoy real food and benefit from the enzymes in raw food.
Rita Sherman

Monday, November 26, 2007



I loved learning about the latest web technologies for personal and professional reasons. I learned a lot about podcasts, wikis and social networking sites. In addition to all the new websites and information I realize I have access to, I also have several ways to organize the info in a more efficient way. I am very interested in listening to and sometimes responding to various topics of interest on blogs and wikis.

As a professional librarian (public and medical librarian) I want to share the web tools, websites and information I am gathering with my library customers. And imagine it's all free info! I can even share the fun sites such as how to create avatars and the online image generators.

The only problem I found with Library 2.0 was the amount of time we had to complete 23 things. Other than that I am so happy that Howard County Library participated in Library 2.0 and 23 is well worth spending the time. I hope we can do more of this in the future so we can all keep up with the ever changing world of technology.



I searched Project Gutenberg and I chose to save the ebook Pudd'n Head Wilson by Mark Twain to my computer desktop. I can read it at my leisure. The url for the ebook is

Project Gutenberg offers so many classics, so rich in books that go back decades and more current ones, as well as fiction and non fiction. It is my favorite site for ebooks and audio books. I know I'll be frequenting this site a lot.



I found several podcasts on that would be helpful to library settings and to library staff and to library customers. I found PALINET Podcast :Technology. It is a podcast that talks about how MidAtlantic libraries are shaping the future. TeleRead is another podcast that discusses new and views on e-books, libraries, publishing and related topics which library staff and customers might want to view.

Then I found some two other podcasts on
one is called Every Day Cooking, a podcast on how to cook also offers recipes and a second one on how to on computers and the internet and on podcasting called Real Time Minute.

Wow...I found so many podcasts I want to watch I would not have time to sleep!!!!



I liked viewing the Democratic and Republican political debates on You Tube...sometimes I was not at home when they are on tv. Also, there are so many historical videos on You Tube. In addition to the debates there's also Congressional hearings. Students can use You Tube to compare tv commercials from the 1970's to the tv ads of 2007. Television newscasts can be used to watch important daily news events for school projects or for personal reasons.

I do not like the rapper or violent videos.

As a librarian I can direct a student to some of these historical videos and You Tube so much more as a learning tool in other categories.



I chose Yelp which offers reviews of various categories (Shopping, Restaurants, etc.) for various majorAmerican cities from Atlanta to Washington D.C. I checked out the Baltimore, MD reviews. I personally would be selective about the categories in which I would just take the review at face value. For restaurants and shopping I probably would take the advice and go to the restaurant or shopping (Book Thing) after reading the review if I liked the description. However, for more critical topics such as health professionals and professional home services I'd check them out with follow up questions or asking other people for their advice.

I could see using this site for newcomers to Columbia or the Baltimore area who want to find the "best" in categories. Even residents of the Baltimore Washington area might use this site. Anyone travelling to another city could use Yelp also. I would offer this site with the caveat of being careful with some categories than others. It all depends on your trust level if you do not know the person reviewing the category and for me it depends on the category.

It is an interactive can search for reviews, write reviews, and invite friends to chat about reviews.



I chose Google Docs to create a document. I felt very comfortable with the Google Docs because it reminds so much of Google toolbar with very similar features. I can create, edit and upload quickly my documents, spreadsheets,and presentations online. I can access and edit from any computer...all I need is a web browser. Google docs also allows me to make changes together in real time.